AMAZING New Technologies That Are Changing Our World !

Published on 1/15/2018 by American Eye
What are the technologies that have a similar impact on the world over the next century? Well, this list might give you a heads up. Here are 12 amazing new technologies that are changing our world!

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#4 Flying Cars A lot of baby boomers have commented that they felt cheated when they grew up. That’s because they expected to be living in domed cities and cruising around in flying cars by the time they were adults. Well, we don’t have word on the domed cities (although they could be on the way), but flying cars have become a reality, and could become a common sight in the decades to come. A number of startup companies (including some owned by Google cofounder Larry page) have begun work on the vehicles. While the flying autos use roughly the same next-level tech as do drones, they’re large enough to carry the driver and passengers. Can you imagine that such vehicles could actually be cheaper than helicopters at one point? That day is a long way off. But experts say that such a scenario is possible thanks to advancements being made in things like materials and batteries. Those are among the factors that could drive down costs. After that, it’ll be like Doc Brown said in “Back to the Future”: “Where we’re going, we don’t need roads!” But that might only work if you’re flying a DeLorean.

#3 The All New Space Age NASA’s budget is only a fraction of what it was during its apex in the1960s. But where once governments supplied the bulk of cash to fund space exploration, that shortfall is being filled by more and more private space companies. The most well known of these private companies is likely SpaceX, owned by Elon Musk. It has made some successful launches with rockets sent into space which can later be reused. Another pioneering space company is Planetary Resources. Their business sounds a little like what was going on in that 1998 movie “Armageddon” with Bruce Willis. They plan on mining mineral from asteroids. If that sounds like a Hollywood script, don’t laugh. If they have any success, it just might launch a gold rush in outer space, as terran supplies of mineral could become scarce over time. Metals and minerals found in asteroids can include gold, silver, platinum, and tungsten.

#2 Self Driving Cars According to some of our sources, more than a million people die annually as the result of car-related injuries. For people between 15 and 29 years of age, automobiles are the leading cause of death. Will those numbers come down as more and more self-driving vehicles arrive on the streets? The technology is expected to be as disruptive to the 21st century as the traditional auto was to the 20th century. If you drive, you know how tough it can be to find a parking space … up to 30 percent of a city’s usable space is occupied by parking spaces, with most cars parked for a majority of the time. With a self driving car, you’ll likely hail it via an app, which means the vehicles will often be on the move … and eliminating so much need for parking. Because these advanced vehicles will be able to communicate with each other, they can better avoid traffic jams and potential accidents. Riders can concentrate on activities like work or education as they commute. And one effect might seem especially strange -- street signs (as we known them) could eventually disappear, since self-driving cars won’t need them!

#1 Artificial Intelligence (AI) Explosive increases in computing power and data collection has led to the rapid advancement of artificial intelligence, or AI. Of all the technologies mentioned in our list, this one might have the most far reaching (and pervasive) impact. That’s because AI is something that can be applied to almost any field. The capabilities of AI include understanding human speech … routing of content delivery networks … autonomous cars (or self driving cars, which we’ve discussed) and the interpretation of complex data. AI has even been shown to exhibit artistic capabilities. A technique known as ‘artistic style transfer’ involves the AI transforming a given photograph into the style of a particular painter. One cornerstone of artificial intelligence has been the idea of AI liberating workers from exhausting mental tasks. That has led to a worry that the advancement of this technology would eliminate a lot of jobs. But experts conjecture that while some jobs will disappear, the great amount of new positions created by this emerging technology will more than make up for the shortfall. And hopefully, none of the AI will behave like HAL-9000 in “2001: A Space Odyssey”.

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