Excel For Accountants: VLOOKUP & PivotTables Complete Lessons: Basic to Advanced: CWU Seminar

Published on 1/12/2017 by ExcelIsFun
Download Files: Start File: Finished File: Link Page with all files for all videos: Comprehensive Lessons for VLOOKUP and PivotTables. Lessons in Number Formatting, Keyboard Shortcuts and general Excel Efficiency Tricks throughout video. Topics in video: (00:01) Introduction (01:45) Why lookup is so common 1. (03:45) Exact Match VLOOKUP to get Product Price & Data Validation Dropdown List 2. (12:32) VLOOKUP & IFERROR Functions to build Invoice. Learn about Relative and Absolute (Locked) Cell References. 3. (23:05) Approximate Match VLOOKUP to get Commission Amount. Discussion of importance of Number Formatting in Excel. 4. (31:47) Approximate Match VLOOKUP to get Commission Rate. More about Number Formatting. Learn about General Number Formatting to wipe away all Number Formatting. 5. (34:43) Approximate Match VLOOKUP to get Tax Amount 6. (35:30) Approximate Match VLOOKUP add Helper Column to Payroll Data Set. 7. (41:45) VLOOKUP & MATCH function to retrieve an Employee Record 8. (49:45) VLOOKUP "Helper Column" to "Extend" Data Set for Complicated Reports. See 5 examples of Helper Columns to build complete Data Set for a PivotTable Report. 9. (58:25) Introduction to PivotTables as the best tool to take data in a Proper Data Set and create Summary Reports that contain Calculations with Conditions or Criteria. Learn how to use Tabular Report Layout and how to add Number Formatting to a PivotTable. 10. (01:09:01) Create Cross Tabulated PivotTable Reports. This is a PivotTable Summary Report that has Calculations made with two Criteria. 11. (01:11:20) Pivoting a PivotTable 12. (01:15:30) Add Slicer to PivotTable. This is a PivotTable Summary Report that has Calculations made with three Criteria. Discussion about logic of criteria and how it applies to PivotTable. 13. (01:17:40) Create PivotTable Reports for Large Data Sets on a New Sheet. 14. (01:19:40) Grouping Dates by Year and Month 15. (01:21:32) Using Show Values As to Create % Change Reports 16. (01:25:45) PivotTable to show Total, Average, Min and Max Values for each Region (01:30:43) Summary of all 16 examples

Excel for Accountants. How to Use VLOOKUP in Accounting. How to Use PivotTables in Accounting.

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