Top 5 Future Technology Inventions, 2019 to 2050 [CRAZY HD]

Published on 12/8/2016 by Crazy HD
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1 - Xiaomi Mi Band 3 Smart Bracelet -

2 - Xiaomi Mi Home iHealth Thermometer -

3 - TXD - G1 Foldable Mini RC Drone -

4 - Bosch Mini Handheld Electric Screwdriver -

5 - Dodosee A7TR5 Industrial Endoscope -

6 - Alfawise 32GB High Speed High Capacity Micro SD Card -

7 - GF07 Magnetic Mini GPS Real-time Tracking Locator. -

8 - Alfawise Rotating Double-edge Blade -

Here you can find your future life with technology. Latest Technology Inventions of this year and so on. You can find New Inventions of Science. This video will helps you to Increase your Knowledge about these awesome gadgets.


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