12 Italian Youtubers I suggest you watch (various topics) [subs]

Published on 3/26/2020 by Learn Italian with Lucrezia
12 Italian Youtubers I suggest you watch to practice Italian and listen to different Italian accents

Marcello Ascani (Roma) Loretta - GraceOnYourDash (Milano) Linda - Momoka Banana (Roma) Muriel (Milano) Diletta - callmedidi (Verona) Massimo Polidoro (Milano) Alessandro Masala - BreakingItaly (Cagliari) Andrea Nonni - ThePillow (Bologna) GialloZafferano Irene Colzi - Irene's Closet (Firenze) Clio Zammatteo - ClioMakeUp (Belluno) Gloria Maria - LaRetrò (Palermo)

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