Chicago Deep Dish: Pizza or Casserole? || Really Dough?

Published on 2/11/2019 by Thrillist
It’s one of the oldest debates. Is Chicago deep dish really a pizza? Some call it a casserole, other’s an abomination. Jon Stewart once attacked the pizza on national television claiming, "This is tomato soup in a bread bowl. This is an above ground marinara swimming pool for rats." So on this episode of Really Dough? Scott and Mark are tackling the great debate with a classic Chicago deep dish pie from Emmett’s in Manhattan. Will Mark call it a pizza? Will Mark kick Scott out?

Pizza is one of the most customizable foods in history. Tomato sauce, white sauce, artichoke cream sauce, broccoli, M&M’s, pineapple, edible 24K gold -- a pizza can be anything your heart desires. But should it? Renowned pizza nerd Scott Wiener is challenging the idea that pizza can be anything. He’s traveling all over America, spotlighting these Frankenstein pizzas and trying to make a case for whether these new customizations can, in fact, still be considered a pizza. In the end, Wiener takes these pizzas to Lucali to pass final judgment from the purist of all pizza purists, Mark Iacono, where he will either declare each slice “PIZZA!” or ask with complete disgust, “Really, dough???”


Hosts Scott Wiener Mark Iacono

Guest Emmett Burke

Showrunner Keith Cecere

Senior Producer Chas Truslow

Producer Phoebe Melnick

Director of Photography Vwodek Rucewicz

Camera Operator Kevin Provost

Assistant Camera Lucas Young

Production Audio Nathan Bonetto

Gaffer Manny Ramos

Senior Editor Chris “The Editor” Murphy

Associate Editor Ede Bell Crowder

Colorist Thom McKenna

Post Audio Aldon Baker

Animators Fredy Delgado, Megan Chong

Production Coordinator Roshanna Charner, Myra Rivera

Production Assistants Nick Hernandez, Trask Grant, Mickey Lynch, Jason Pozarowski

Line Producer Emily Tufaro

Director of Development Leo Fernandez

Post-Production Supervisor Daniel Byrne

Supervising Producer Stasia Tomlinson

Design Director Ted McGrath

Executive Producer Justin Lundstrom


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