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Published on 11/8/2016 by Corallista
Sleek, Shiny Hair | Styling with BBLUNT! Transforming dull, frizzy hair to sleek, smooth and shiny hair with just 2 styling products! Click here to Subscribe for more videos : Follow me on Instagram for daily beauty updates :

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More Tips for shiny, glossy hair :

1. Regular Oiling Regular scalp massage with a nourishing plant oil like coconut, olive or sesame oil helps in stimulating the circulation on the scalp and adds shine to the hair as well.

2. Balanced diet + Supplements Protein is very important to maintain shiny, strong hair and regular daily intake of protein with each meal improves the skin, nail as well as hair health. I also find Biotin and Omega-3 supplements very helpful for boosting hair growth and shine.

3. DIY hair masks Your regular kitchen ingredients can be helpful when you need an instant boost of shine. Check out DIY Hair mask video for soft, shiny hair -

Tutorial for my makeup in this video :


Disclaimer : This video is sponsored by BBLUNT.


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