yung walnut - dating tips

Published on 12/8/2018 by charles dick man
back from the grave AGAIN

hey girl you're looking really really fine but all i really want to do with you is play some mine- craft i want to play every single day but i'm probably not your type so you'd, probably run away

you're probably into boys that play some overwatch, or probably play with boys on roblox, chilling by the docks you ask him out and then you realize that he started cheating on you with some giiirlll in real life

(don't do it, don't edate, don't do it, you'll lose fate)

i want to roam around and meet a girl she'll be the best thing in my life and i'll give her the whole wide world i want to make it so she doesn't cry or else i'll end feeling awful like a 8 year old french fry

it's time to run away from playing games because the girls i meet in minecraft always seem to turn away it's probably cause i have nothing cool to say except the fact that i tell them that i am super gay

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