Expanding Consciousness, Controlling your Thoughts & Facing your Fears Podcast #186

Published on 8/29/2018 by Jill Renee Feeler
Expanding Consciousness, Controlling your Thoughts & Facing your Fears

Sometimes you'll need to show your brain what you can do, that it didn't know you could... the mind will pretend it is the gatekeeper to your new experiences, but it's lying... to you. Don't listen. Be Adventurous. Show yourself how brave, how unpredictable, how amazing you truly are. (And your mind may still not believe it ~ oh well.)

The message today helps us expand our consciousness, including a gently powerful meditation. Our brain's can be too much in control of our human experience, trying to rigidly tell us what we are and what we are not. And yet, our brain is wired to our five human senses and less able to connect with our eternal senses, of what can be... That is perhaps why some individuals like vision boards and mantras, to inform the brain what can also be. Personally, vision boards and mantras aren't my thing (tomayyyto, tomahhhto). In this message we help stretch your field, to more flexibly allow for personal bests, new breakthroughs and more conscious creation of who and what you are here.

In the Q&A we also delve into the concept of spirit-based businesses (a healer), and the challenging part of making money at it, pricing and so forth.

In this message I also share a personal story about my younger daughter remembering what it was like to be born and another story, same daughter, and her demonstrating telepathy. Having someone, especially your 3 yr old, read your mind, can be an amazingly effective motivator to assess what your thoughts are, would you choose them and how to calm the mind and quiet your thoughts through meditation.

We covered a lot of subjects here, and I hope you find it helpful in your journey, making your light real, here.

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