Food Shopping Tips & Tricks

Published on 2/11/2015 by Brett Cap

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Healthy Food Shopping Tips:

1.) Make sure you are checking the expiration dates on what you purchase-- some supermarkets might mark down items in effort to try and push out the stuff that hasn't sold in a while-- the fresher you go with your food the better.

2.) When you are walking through the isles, most supermarkets will have their items with the highest price-point rights in your sight so you can see it clearly. Next time you are walking through your grocery store, look a little higher and lower than the middle of the isle, and you might find the cheaper (but still just as good) items they might not want you to see right away due to the lower price-point.

3.) Organic food can benefit your diet in many ways. Not ALL food needs to bought organic, but it's good to work it into your diet as much as you can. Do your best to buy the best quality foods.

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