How we accumulated over $77,000 worth of debt ~ Dave Ramsey budgeting family of 6

Published on 3/9/2018 by Debtkickin Mom
Here is our story in a nutshell of how we went from being DEBT FREE newlyweds (with college degrees and no student loans!) to living paycheck to paycheck with 4 children and $77,000 worth of debt. I share this very personal story because it's important for others to know they are not alone. We don't talk enough about personal finance and it is ruining families and marriages, so I am passionate about sharing our mistakes and giving you hope that if we can overcome them, become financially wise, and change our family tree, then you can too.

In Jan. 2016 we had 5 medical bills, 5 student loans, 3 credit cards, 1 carloan, and 1 personal loan. Today in March 2018, we have 3 student loans. In two years we have paid off over $40,000 of our $77,000 worth of debt. We will be DEBT FREE in 2019!

We do still have a mortgage. That is not included in our $77,000 starting debt total. We plan to pay off our mortgage in Baby Step 6.

A few notes: I say in this video that me and my husband thought mortgages and student loans were good debt...we do not think that way anymore, although society does. Debt is debt! But this was our mentality at the time before we had started following Dave Ramsey and understanding personal finance.

Dave Ramsey's Baby Steps:

My video on How to Start Your Debt Free Journey:

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